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The load meter for the crane is our main sales product.

 1) How many kinds of the crane are there?
 2) How many tones are rating in the each crane?
 3) How many number of the wire multiplication number is?
 4) Do you need the load display?
 5) Is it only the prevention of overload?
Please give the above data.
We offer to you an estimate by best composition.

We will estimate the best system composition if we could have the above mentioned condition.
<Example of practical use>
 Hoist crane・・・・・Generalcrane、For car、For casting 
 Club crane・・・・・Generalcrane、For steel manufactureFor casting and                           Forged steel、
           Electric power Nuclear power、For shipbuilding、 for car
 (Main and auxiliary)crane・・・・・Generalcrane
 2ClubJoint-Hoisting crane・・・・・Generalcrane Steel manufacture crane・for paper      
 Ladle crane・・・・For steel manufacture crane
 With riff mug、Scrap charge with bucketcrane
 Scrap charege crane with lifting magnet or buraket
  Container crane
  Large-scale jib crane・・・・・For shipbuilding
  Jib crane・・・・・一General jib crane
  Large-scale floating crane
  Truck-mounted crane

●Overhead traveling crane, Bridge type crane, Hoist crane, Lift, Elevator, Load meter system

 ●General crane lift gondola

Two club (hoist) crane


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